As seen in Runner’s World (April 2019)

Kelly Herron Is Sharing the Self-Defense Training That She Believes Saved Her Life

May 2019: RUn Like a warrior

Our running community has experienced far too many tragic events while out doing what we love to do – running and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Whether you’re a runner, avid athlete or just enjoy walking around the park, learn how to identify potential threats and escape dangerous situations.

In this interactive workshop, we will traverse the loop of Greenlake (about 2.8 miles) at a walk/ jog pace, with several teaching stops along the way. Kelly will use her coaching insights to share tips on running form, while incorporating ways to be aware and prepared, without feeling fearful. Jordan will teach practices to convey presence and power, and teach hands-on self-defense strategies so you feel ready to fight back in the event of an emergency.

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Help employees feel safe walking from bus stop/ parking garage

Setting healthy boundaries in the workplace and in the world

Learn to use your body and voice to defend yourself