That feeling when your dreams begin to come true. Such an awesome day of female badassery at work today with the #NotToday and @fightingchanceseattle self-defense collaboration. I am confident these ladies left feeling empowered to kick some ass and fight like the savage warriors they are #NTMF
Thank you to our event partners @optimismbrewing and @nuunhydration •
Want to join next time? See website in bio /workshops for info
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As seen in Runner’s World (April 2019)

Kelly Herron Is Sharing the Self-Defense Training That She Believes Saved Her Life


So many people have adopted a mentality of “it will never happen to me” -but the reality is, our running community has experienced far too many tragedies and none of us are immune. When Kelly shares her story, it makes the “what if” very real and she walks you through how she applied the self-defense tactics she learned just three weeks before being attacked that helped her escape a dangerous sexual predator.

Her story emphasizes the importance of running aware and prepared, without feeling fearful and how to convey presence and power so you feel mentally ready to fight back in the event of an emergency.

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