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A new article in @popsugarfitness goes behind the headline to cover my story from the assault, to the ptsd recovery that followed and the journey to sharing life-saving techniques alongside @fightingchanceseattle. •
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PopSUgar Fitness

April 2019

She Fought off an Assault on the Run - Here’s Why She Teaches Self-Defense Now.


Runner’s World

April 2019

Kelly Herron Is Sharing the Self-Defense Training That She Believes Saved Her Life


Women’s Running

March 2019

Kelly Herron’s Enduring Fight For Female Empowerment


February 2019

Runner Who Fended Off Rapist Now Advocates for Self-Defense Training: 'I Fought Like Hell'


RUNNER’s world

October 2018

Kelly Herron After Chasing Down Alleged Assailant: “We Do Not Have to ‘Let It Go’”

It was the second time she was assaulted while running, Herron told Runner’s World.


Women’s running magazine

November 2017

21 Women Who are Transforming the World through Running


Runner’s World

October 2017

Assaulted Runner on the Eve of Her First Marathon: “You Can’t put a Timeline on Recovery”



August 2017

Assault Survivor Kelly Herron Talks About Her Attack 5 Months Later


Runner’s world

march 2017

Seattle Runner Attacked Midrun Fought Like Hell to Defeat Her Offender