Runner Woman to Wonder Woman

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I never thought of myself as an exceptionally strong or vicious person, until one day I had to fight for my life, beat up a rapist and lock him in the bathroom until he was hauled off to prison. I received a lot of accolades for my actions that day - which to me were not heroic or brave, but merely driven by the instinctual will to live (and some key self-defense moves).

When women tell me that they don’t think they could do what I did, it makes me wish I had the superpower of showing them how strong they ACTUALLY are. I would never wish what happened to me on anyone - but I do wish I could make them believe that we are all Wonder Woman deep down - we just have to believe in her, train her, and trust her.


I never thought I would become a runner - running is hard, and in the beginning, it really hurt. I found a group of women to run with through a Couch to 5K class with Running Evolution, coached by Beth Baker. Every week, I showed up - I saw that other people were in the same boat as me -wanting to be runners, but feeling so far from it. I kept at it, and ran my first 5k. I told my coach that I would one day be a Couch to 5k to Marathoner - and a few years later, I made good on that word.

The Wonder Woman Race Series brings runners of all abilities together, to join in the sisterhood of running, and to help us see that no matter what stage of running we are at, we are not in it alone. With 5 races in California, and a Virtual Run that can be done anywhere, we can all dig deep to discover that we are Wonder Woman, and earn a shiny medal to remind us when we aren’t feeling quite full of wonder.

It doesn’t matter where you start, just start. Believe that you can be greater than you are, give yourself some grace, and just get out the door. Even better, get your girl squad together and take on the universe one step a time.


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